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Project Description

Ce draw my life présente l’histoire d’un stage (internship).

Marie Bapaume est une de nos illustratrices. Elle collabore à nos productions audiovisuelles et graphiques : motion design, bannières, contenus Instagram, Draw my life et videoscribing.

Le videoscribing est l’acte de retranscrire sous la forme visuelle un message raconté par une voix-off.
Pour être efficace, les vidéos en scribing ne doivent pas être trop longues. Nous conseillons une durée entre 1 min et 3 minutes.
Nous utilisons le video scribing pour la communication d’entreprise car il permet une bonne mémorisation des messages.

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Transcription de la vidéo :

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing well. Today I’m showing you this video which is gonna be a draw my internship. First, I’m gonna be explaining how I found this internship ; second, I’d be presenting the structure and which I’ll be in, and third I’ll be talking about the tasks I’ll be doing. It all started with the search of the end of studies internship. I did not know where to start, I mean I had no idea of the structure in which to do it. I really wanted to go outside Europe to discover a completely different culture and environment while speaking English in my everyday life. My choice naturally went to Canada. Country that I had already visited and loved. There is an impressive cultural and diversity which make it attractive. Canada has the advantage of being a bilingual country. I think it is also a mix of the USA and Europe which makes it a good alternative. Therefore, I looked up for French companies abroad; I found the website of the Alliance Française of Paris. I got really interested in this nonprofit organization, present in a hundred and thirty three countries, whose goals are to promote the French language and culture abroad, through courses in various activities, such as workshops visits, shows and special evenings. So I decided to send resumes and cover letters to the major Alliance Française in both Canada and the United States. I put a video presenting the AFC which means Alliance Française of Calgary. Eventually, I get a Skype interview for a financial internship in the culture and communication departments at the Alliance Française of Calgary. I was interviewed by the director in the culture and communication manager. I was asked a bunch of questions such as: can you introduce yourself; what should we choose you over another candidate or, what will you bring to our structure. Then they explained what the objectives of the Alliance Française of Calgary were; they detailed the proposed activities and workshops, how the novels in the library are chosen. After a few days, a positive answer was sent to me. So as a culture and communication intern, I’ll be participating the developpment of communication plans by organizing publicity events, implementing actions to achieve the given goals, set both internally and externally and designing the AFC website. The communication manager contributes to the development of communication within the company. Therefore it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the company alongside with techniques, tools and laws, using the communication field. In order to do so, various skills are required such as: rigorousness, curiosity, organization, sense of listening, be able to work alone or in a team, taste for exchanging and learning. It was during my internship research that I came across this network. Now that I think about it, I like the idea of working as a coach trying to make manager because it is a job that meets many of my expectations in crediteria. I actually plan to practice this job in the near future but maybe not my entire life. Though, I like to work in Alliance Française because there are numerous opportunities where you have the possibility to renew yourself as you always have to carry out different tasks and meet new people. Moreover I’d like to prove my culture to non french-speaking audience, while living in a foreign environment. Before saying goodbye don’t forget to follow the drower which is a friend of mine on Instagram. I hope you enjoyed the video and goodbye. Studio Cigale est une agence de production de vidéos de communication pour les entreprises et les institutions. Depuis près de 10 ans, nous produisons des vidéos pour la communication interne et externe. Nos services dans la production de vidéo d’entreprise rassemblent la réalisation d’allocutions vidéo, de reportages, de captations d’évènement ainsi que la production de clips en motion design, video scribing.

Pour vos communication vidéo, Studio Cigale vous accompagne de la conception de scénario à la réalisation et la diffusion sur les réseaux sociaux.
Pour tous renseignements supplémentaires : http://studiocigale.fr/offres Téléphone : 09 50 66 22 36 https://linkedin.com/company/2933734 .

Les prix Draw my life


1500durée 2 minutes
  • scénario fourni
  • 1/2 journée de dessins
  • pas de mise en couleurs
  • dessin en présence du client
  • 6 planches de dessins
  • Enregistrement de la voix par le client (1h)
  • Musique incluse


2600durée 2 minutes
  • scénario co-écrit
  • 1/2 journée de dessins
  • 1/2 journée de mise en couleurs
  • dessin en présence du client
  • 10 planches de dessins
  • Enregistrement voix professionnelle
  • Musique incluse

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